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Professor McGinty is a new way to help to teach History to Key Stage 2 children.
It combines storytelling, costumes, artefacts, slides, smells, music and sounds of the time in question.
The 'mobile museum' is the main talking point of a workshop, giving the children chance to examine,
touch and experience objects that would normally be found out of reach in a glass case.
Each session involves an entertaining hour long interactive story
that acts as a tour guide for your chosen time.
Some of the artefacts are mystery objects and the Professor may need the help of your students
to identify their use


Subjects currently covered

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece

Roman Britain
The Vikings
The Tudors
The Victorians
World War Two

Each workshop lasts for about an hour and covers the following areas :-

 Ancient Egypt - The Nile, the Pyramids, irrigation, the Pharaohs, housing, food and drink, clothing, wildlife, climate, tombs and mummies, egyptian beliefs and their gods, travel, papyrus, trade and growing up in Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Greece - The gods, temples, Olympics, myths and legends, money, housing, food and drink, schools, slaves, trade, clothing, theatre, music, democracy, inventions and the legacy or Ancient Greece.

Roman Britain - The gods, temples, the Celts, the Picts, housing, villas, towns, food and drink, music, entertainment, pottery, money, clothing, theatre, warfare and roads, Hadrian’s Wall.

The Vikings - Invasion, settlers, trade, arts and crafts, hunting, weapons and war, the gods and beliefs, housing, food and drink, clothing, pottery, entertainment, shopping and the law.

The Tudors - Henry VIII and his wives, Elizabeth I, rich and poor housing, religion, crime and punishment, sanitation, disease, clothing, food and drink, money, wars, the Armada, exploration and trade.

The Victorians - Victoria and Albert, rich and poor, inventions and inventors, toys, the industrial revolution, sanitation and disease, workhouses, food, clothing, schools, social etiquette and growing up in Victorian England.

World War Two - Rationing, politics, air raids, the home guard, the new role for women due to the war, gasmasks, clothing, shelters, evacuation, the army, navy and air force, weapons and growing up in World War Two.

Recent tours have covered schools from Manchester to London and Wales to East Anglia;
although visits to schools further afield can be arranged.
The Professor brings along all necessary materials, equipment and artefacts and will also give you
follow up workbooks, containing wordsearches and other activities.
All that he requires is a classroom in which to assemble his sitting room and about thirty five
enthusiastic young history detectives.

World War II

Primary School


" A very professional and polished, entertaining and informative presentation...
.... can't wait for your next visit!"
Pamela Taylor, teacher at Minworth J+I School

" The multi-sensory and most entertaining Time Travel Experience"
Mrs. Lucy P. Wheeler, Head of Arnold Lodge Middle School

" Personally I think that you are the best historian and time travelling detective I have ever known!"
Matt Hong, pupil at Meriden School

"Mister History"
Anonymous pupil

"Lots of relevant information presented in and unusual and exciting way."
"We look forward to joining more of your travels!"
Elaine Pick, teacher at Priory Primary School, Dudley


Professor McGinty is the creation of actor Richard Allen, whose extensive work with
Youth theatres and 'Theatre in Education', has made him aware of children's ability to learn
through experience and entertainment.
Not just to be told about a period in history, or even to see pictures, but to be able to touch
and smell objects and wear clothes from that time can help to bring history to life.
The Professor isn't from any particular time or place and has been described as a mixture of
Doctor Who, Mr. Bean and something that H.G. Wells could have dreamed up in a spare afternoon.
Rather than just spouting historical facts, he too is amazed and sometimes shocked,
by what he discovers in the past.
Although a history expert, Professor McGinty is just as much a tourist in the past as the
children, and his naivety and wonder makes the workshops more accesible and interesting
than a regular history lecture.

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Link to the Professor's Diary for dates that are still available

The Amazing Time Travelling Adventures of Professor McGinty in Ancient Greece



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