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Victorian Copy Book
Victorian Photographs
The Age that changed the World
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The Great Exhibition of 1851
Famous Victorians
Victorian Coins

Professor McGinty visited the time of the victorians in 1880

He visited rich and poor people and even the schools too

Just some of the "stuff" he found on his adventure is below

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The Professor with Queen Victoria









Victorian Codd Bottle
Victorian Dunce's Hat
Victorian Meat Jack
Victorian Washboard
Victorian Washing Dolly




Mystery Object


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Victorian Laundry Tongs
Victorian Mystery Object
Victorian Iron
Victorian Toys
Victorian Writing Slate
Victorian Tin Opener
Victorian Sugar Nippers
Victorian Sheep Shears
Victorian Zoetrope
Victorian Hair Tongs
Victorian Gramophone Cylinder
Victorian Glove Stretcher
Victorian Finger Stocks
Victorian Glove Stretcher - Detail
Victorian Copy Book - Sample Page
Victorian Codd Bottle - Detail
Victorian Candle Snippers
Victorian Cane
Victorian Clothes Peg
Victorian Butter Pats
Victorian Biscuit Mould
Victorian Backboard
Victorian Attendance Medal














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