Viking Helmet

Viking - Mystery Object

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Viking Scales

Professor McGinty visited the vikings in the year 890 AD

This was the time when many of them had settled to the North East of England
in an area that they called 'DANELAW'

Why not take a look at some of the amazing "stuff" that the Professor
brought back from his adventures there

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The Professor Joins In
The Professor Joins In


Viking Wooden Bowl
Viking Arrow
Viking Antler Comb


Viking Teardrop Shield
Viking Antler
Viking Sword Handle
Viking Rune Sticks
Viking Coins
Viking Double Headed Axe
Viking Christian Pendant
Viking Cow Bone Necklace
Vikiing Cooking Pot
Viking Drinking Horn
Viking Knotwork Pendant
Viking Christian Pendant
Viking Chainmail
Viking Pendant Mould


Viking Shoes
Viking Thor's Hammer Pendant
Viking Single Headed Axe
Take a look at this weird object
If you think you know what it was used for you could
earn a place on the 'McGinty Wall Of Fame'
Mystery Object


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